Spotifyの学生認証 ものすごい簡単、早い!

♫♪バックグラウンドMUSICに DREAMTIDE がかかっている中 執筆して おります by Spotify ♫,,♪♫♩1ⅶ


さて、本日は“ Spotifyの学生認証 ”についてです。





結論をいうと「 ものすごい簡単に学生認証がネット上でできます。 」





Spotify Student Authentication: Incredibly easy and fast!

Today is July 23, 2022 and the weather in Tokyo is sunny with a high of 3 5 degrees Celsius. It is the hottest day in a long time. A sleepless night is expected tonight.

Today, we are going to talk about “Spotify Student Authentication.”

I arrived at Spotify after experiencing various music subscriptions. My own mania? I found that Spotify was the only subscriber that kept up with my music tastes, and after taking into account connectivity and convenience, I ended up with Spotify.

The more I listen to Spotify, the more music I like, and it has started to become a part of my life. It also brings up recent musicians who are related to my favorite artists, so I don’t have to search for artists myself.

Spotify offers a student discount, and while the regular Premium plan costs 980 yen per month, students pay a reasonable 480 yen per month.

I was curious to find out how they verify the student status…

The conclusion was, “It is very easy to verify your student status on the Internet. The conclusion is that “it is very easy to authenticate a student online.

After entering the student’s name, date of birth, and the university to which he/she belongs, the student is taken to a verification page, and when he/she clicks on the link as instructed, he/she is verified within a few seconds.

If you click on the link as instructed, you will be accepted or rejected in a few seconds and then authenticated.

If you are still a student after one year, you can do the same authentication process again on the Internet.

This kind of system advantage will be an important point to keep subscribers coming back.