ワンペニー両替可能 ポケットチェンジ無人両替機コインOK

===今日のバックグラウンドMUSICはGary Clark Jr. “ Please Come Home ” がかかっている中 執筆して おります by Sony HDD Audio Player System HAP-S1===

本日は2022年5月1日 日曜日 都内の天気は曇りで午後から雨の予報で予想最高気温は18度。昨日は池袋駅周辺に出かけたのですがかなり人が出ておりました。天候もよく歩き回るのによい気候で風が気持ちよかったです。



今日のお題は“ 両替 ”

数年前にニューヨークに行った後、アメリカドルが手元に残ったのですが紙幣は円に換えてくれる銀行があるのですが硬貨はお断りが普通のよう。数セントのコインなので記念に取っておくのもよいですが、5セントとかワンペニーの硬貨はかなりの歴史が流れているのか見慣れない日本人にとってはパット見「 これなんて書いてあるの、何セントなの? 」と思うのが普通くらいに黒ずみ汚れていて 持っている価値を感じえませんでした。いろいろ調べていると都内だけでなく全国各地に そうした海外の硬貨をWAONポイントとか日本のポイントに交換してくれる無人両替機があることに気づき、行動してみました。

POCKET CHANGE(ポケットチェンジ)という無人両替機は



緑色の機械にお札やコインを投入するとEdy,WAON,Suica,App Store&iTunesギフトカードなどお好みのポイントに変換してくれます。個人情報の入力は不要です。

今回は池袋西口駅前のタイトーステーションの2階に設置してあるPOCKET CHANGEに行きました。店の前とかビルの案内表示板は特にないのでタイトーステーションの中に入ることを目指すのが良いようです。1階のエレベーターに乗り2階で降りてすぐのところに機械があります。













ATM壊れる 混乱のゆうちょ銀行

One-penny exchange available Pocket Change unmanned money changer Coins OK

===Today’s background music is Gary Clark Jr. “Please Come Home” by Sony HDD Audio Player System HAP-S1=== Today is Sunday, May 1, 2022.

Today is Sunday, May 1, 2022. The weather in Tokyo is expected to be cloudy with rain in the afternoon. The forecast is for rain in the afternoon with a high of 1.8 degrees Celsius. Yesterday I went out to the Ikebukuro station area, and there were quite a few people out. The weather was good for walking around and the breeze was pleasant.

Today’s Conclusion

Pocket change is the last bastion of lost coins?

Today’s subject is ” money exchange.”

After a trip to New York a few years ago, I was left with American dollars, but while there are banks that will exchange bills for yen, it seems that coins are usually refused. It is good to keep a few cents as a memento, but a five-cent or one-penny coin may have a long history, and for Japanese who are not used to seeing such coins, it is common for them to look at them and wonder, “What does this say, and how many cents? I did a lot of research and found that they are not only found in Tokyo, but also in other parts of Japan. After doing some research, I found that there are unmanned money changers not only in Tokyo but also all over Japan that exchange such foreign coins into WAON points or other Japanese points, so I decided to take action.

The unmanned money changer called POCKET CHANGE

For bills only, you can exchange Japanese yen, Taiwan dollars, Singapore dollars, Hong Kong dollars, Thai baht, and Vietnamese dong.

For bills and coins, they accept U.S. dollars, euros, Chinese yuan, and Korean won.

When you insert bills or coins into the green machine, they will be converted into points of your choice such as Edy, WAON, Suica, App Store & iTunes gift cards. No personal information is required.

This time we went to the POCKET CHANGE located on the 2nd floor of Taito Station in front of Ikebukuro West Exit Station. There are no signboards in front of the store or the building, so it is better to go inside the Taito Station.

The green machine stands out. There was already a customer ahead of us, in his 70s or so, with shaky little legs (Parkinson’s disease?). He was already in his 70’s, shaking his legs (Parkinson’s disease?) and trying his best to put coins in a clear plastic bag into the machine. It was quite a lot of coins. After waiting for about 10 minutes, it was finally my turn.

First, I selected the service I wanted to exchange the coins for. This time, I chose WAON. After that, I put in some U.S. cent coins.

There were enough for 1.10 dollars. I also put in a one-dollar bill that I had brought with me as a trial.

The cents and cents together amounted to 2.10 dollars.

After confirming the contents, press the button and hold the WAON card in place.

The $2.10 will be converted into WAON points worth 232 Japanese yen.

Finally, you will get a receipt.

It is quite easy. This could be a good service. Pocket Change is convenient for after trips abroad. Please make use of this service.


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ATM壊れる 混乱のゆうちょ銀行