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2023年3月12日 日曜日の朝は曇りで8度、本日の予想最高気温は18度です。今日は午前中 仕事がらみの用事があり7時台には出かける予定。WBC連日 日本の勝利で盛り上がってます。昨日は佐々木の先発でテレビを見始めた2回表1点のチェコリードでおや?というスタートでしたが終わってみれば2連日の10点台の勝利。今日はオーストラリア戦とのことですね。

昨日は久しぶりにkindleで本を買い読み始めました。本田晃一の「 僕はゲームの様に生きることにした。」です。早速読み始めて一気に半分くらい?まで来ました。時代背景が自分と近く共感するものが多く、自分の過去とリンクするような苦悩が文字によってうまく表現されておりました。今日は最後まで一気に読了したいと思います。感想はまたの機会にご報告するかもです。

読書といえばここ数年本当に本を読むことから遠ざかっておりました。いわゆる❝ インプット ❞という事を意識的に避けてブログ執筆などの❝ アウトプット ❞中心できたつもりです。数年前までは定期的に本は読んできたつもりです。好みのジャンルは生き方や生き様系?などの人物の成功の軌跡や、考え方物の捉え方を独自の理論で解説したもの。あとは投資系のものが多かったです。


WBCを見ていても感じるのですが、人それぞれ課題は違い調子が良いときもあれば悪いときもある。スーパースターと呼ばれる人でもどうにもならないくらいスランプに陥りにっちもさっちもいかないときにどう振舞えるか。そして暗い長いトンネルを抜け出すためにどうやって時を過ごすか乗り越えるかって非常に非常に試されますよね。調子のよいときに「 ポジティブに突き進みます!」と高らかに言う事は苦しいことではありませんよね。

ここ数年の自分のことを振り返ると2021年ころから不眠に悩み 翌2022年春、ようやくトンネルの出口に差し掛かったところだったように思います。今は毎晩床に就くと本当に直ぐに入眠でき、よく眠れることのありがたさを毎日実感できている状態です。



How to behave when you’re not in a good mood

Sunday morning, March 12, 2023, is cloudy and 8 degrees Celsius, with an expected high today of 18 degrees Celsius. I have a work-related errand this morning and will be out the door by 7:00 a.m. The WBC has been exciting with Japan’s victories every day. Yesterday, I started watching TV with Sasaki starting, and I was surprised to see the Czechs lead by a single run in the top of the 2nd inning. But when the game was over, it was Japan’s second straight 10-point win. Today is the game against Australia.

Yesterday, I bought a book on kindle for the first time in a while and started reading it. It is “I decided to live like a game” by Koichi Honda. I started reading it right away. I started reading it right away and got about halfway through. I’m about halfway through the book. The background of the times is close to my own and I sympathize with many of the characters, and the book expresses well the anguish linked to my past. Today, I would like to read the book all the way through to the end. I may report my impressions at another time.

Speaking of reading, I have really been away from reading books for the past few years. I have consciously avoided so-called “input” and have been able to focus on “output” such as blog writing. Until a few years ago, I used to read books regularly. My favorite genre of books is how to live or how to live? My favorite genres are those that explain the trajectory of a person’s success, such as “how to live” or “how to live”, or those that explain the way of thinking and perceiving things based on one’s own theory. I also read a lot of investment-related books.

As I have mentioned before, I cannot read novels or creative works at all, and cannot even skim through them (laugh). Looking back, I used to be addicted to travel mysteries by Kyotaro Nishimura until I was a student. I may read them again when they come around again, though it may be due to a change in my constitution.

As I feel when I watch the WBC, each person has different challenges, and sometimes they are in good shape and sometimes they are in bad shape. How do you behave when even a superstar falls into an unmanageable slump and can’t get out of it? And how they spend their time and get over it in order to get out of the long, dark tunnel is a very, very big test. It is not easy to say in high spirits, “I’m going forward with a positive attitude when things are going well! is not a hard thing to say in high spirits.

Looking back on my past few years, I think I started having insomnia around 2021 and finally reached the end of the tunnel in the spring of 2022. Now, every night when I go to bed, I can fall asleep immediately and feel grateful every day for a good night’s sleep.

Each day and each day seems to have its own peaks and valleys to overcome, some big, some small.

How will I behave when I am in bad shape? This may be an important experience that will be engraved on your soul.
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