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2022年10月16日 日曜日の朝、昨日は久しぶりのお天道様拝めましてサイクリングという名のお買い物をしたのですが結構汗ばんで よい運動をさせていただきました。地下鉄の駅1,2駅分の距離をスーパーや家電量販店などを周り買い物を済ませました。最近覚えた❝ かながわペイ ❞なるものを活用し、10パーセント還元の恩恵も受けられ満足の買い出しとなりました。




このNEWSを見て本当に日本の近未来はまずいのでは?と危機感を覚えました。日本で普通に働いても豊かに暮らせないと分かっている若者が既にかなりいるとうかがえるからです。そんな国で若者たちが自分の中年期や老後を「 50~60歳なんてだいぶ先なんで何とかなるさ 」とプラスにとらえて働き続けられるのでしょうか。おそらく何も考えてない人以外?将来に希望が持てない国と考えざるを得なくなっていると推測されます。

技術力、製品力、知的財産、おもてなしの心など他の国より優れている部分がかなりあるはずなのに どうしてこのような国になってしまったのでしょうか。




Young people who know that they will not be able to work a normal job and live a prosperous life.

Sunday morning, October 16, 2022. I did some shopping, which I called cycling, and it was a good workout. I went around supermarkets and electronics stores within a subway stop or two, and finished my shopping. I used “Kanagawa Pay,” which I recently learned to use, and was able to take advantage of a 10 percent discount, so I was satisfied with my shopping.

Yesterday, when I was watching TV at night, I was shocked to see a news report that young people are going to Australia on working holidays to earn a lot of money due to the weak yen.

The definition of a working holiday is to go to Australia mainly for sightseeing and to do some part-time work, but recently some smart young people are going to Australia mainly to work and earn money, leaving sightseeing aside.

A young hairdresser who earns 140,000 yen a month in Japan can earn double or in some cases several times that amount in Australia, making it ridiculous for him to go back to Japan to work. Another young welder said that he can earn twice as much as his salary in Japan and can save twice as much as in Japan even though the cost of living is higher, so he does not seem to have any regrets about Japan.

This news made me feel that Japan’s near future is really in trouble. I felt a sense of crisis. It seems that there are already many young people who know that they will not be able to live a prosperous life even if they work a normal job in Japan. In such a country, will young people be able to continue to work, thinking positively about their middle age and old age, thinking, “I will be 50-60 years old long time from now, so I will be able to handle it. Except, perhaps, for those who have no idea? I guess we have no choice but to think of Japan as a country where there is no hope for the future.

How did we become the country we are today when we have so many advantages over other countries in terms of technology, products, intellectual property, hospitality, etc.?

There are many theories. For example, we have specialized too much in making finished products (TVs, washing machines cars, etc.). For example, we are too specialized in manufacturing finished products (TVs, washing machines, cars, etc.), or we are reluctant to engage in international labor exchange (only a handful of young Japanese go abroad for employment). The speed at which new products are introduced to the market is too slow (e.g., slow approval of new drugs).

In any case, it is already too late, and if major changes are not made now, not only the youth but also the older generation and all generations who have a job may start a trend of migrating overseas.
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