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2023年3月18日 土曜日の朝は雨です。今日はほぼ1日雨で洗濯物はあきらめモードで現在の気温は8度で一日を通して寒暖の差がほぼないとの事。こんな日は出かけずに家で音楽を流しながらネットやkindleを読み返そうと思います。先週、数年ぶりに買った読み物本田晃一さんの新刊



昨日、岸田総理の会見で❝ 男性の育児休暇 ❞についてのコメントがありました。自分の属する組織の社内報でもこの話題を取り上げて、積極的に男性が育児休暇を取得している事をアピールしていました。我が家の子育て期にはなかった制度でうらやましくも思います。







Japanese Children are Japan’s Treasure – Today’s polemic

March 18, 2023 It is raining Saturday morning. It rained almost all day today and the laundry is in give up mode with the current temperature at 8 degrees Celsius and almost no difference in temperature throughout the day. On days like this, I think I’ll stay home and play music and reread the internet and my kindle instead of going out. Last week, I bought a new book by Koichi Honda, which I hadn’t read in several years.
I decided to live like a game. I’m going to ruminate on it. I plan to watch the live broadcast that I applied for as a special offer of the book from 8:00 p.m. this evening.

Work has been pretty tiring this week. I was teleworking all day Thursday, so I was able to pace myself a bit, but working full time for five days is stressful and exhausting. Last night, I felt sleepy when I went home and watched TV, so I took a bath early and fell asleep after 9:00 pm. My daily one-hour walk to work seems to have taken root in my daily routine.

I just now sipped a cup of freshly brewed coffee and thought, “Ah, it tastes good again today. I am feeling happy about ordinary things. Chocolate tastes good, too, and I’m starting my holiday with an even greater sense of happiness.

Yesterday, at Prime Minister Kishida’s press conference, there was a comment about “male parental leave. The internal newsletter of the organization I belong to also covered this topic and actively promoted the fact that men are taking childcare leave. I am envious of this system, which did not exist during my family’s child-rearing years.

In the Showa period, women’s parental leave itself was limited to large companies, and many people might not have imagined that it would extend to men’s parental leave. I remember that until around the beginning of the Heisei era, there was still a strong tendency for female employees to resign from their jobs when they became pregnant.

Looking at the organization to which I belong, I have recently seen some female employees taking childcare leave for the first or second time. I think it is a good thing to support and cherish Japan’s (and the world’s) newborn treasures, and it is something that must be done, don’t you think?

Especially in Japan, where the population is declining, it is very important to help the younger generation. There are many barriers to accepting immigrants due to the increase in crime and other risks. In order to maintain the uniqueness of the Japanese people and develop the country, don’t you think it is important to improve the environment in which children are raised?

Today’s polemic

Japanese children are the treasure of Japan.



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