好きなもののレベルを感じよう 玄米 =音楽を聴くこと ?

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本日は2022年5月28日土曜日 昨日都内はお昼ごろまで激しい雷雨でしたが、一転して土曜日の朝は晴天の気持ちの良い朝です。ベッドのシーツ&マットなどを昨晩洗濯し干したのですが、乾くのは時間の問題かと。

さて本日のお題は“ 好きなもののレベルを感じよう ”と題して綴ります。

みなさん好きなことってありますよね。趣味とか食べ物とか、習慣とかで。例えば音楽を聴くことが大好きで習慣になっている人がいますよね(わたくしのことかも?)音楽を聴くことがもはや習慣というか“ 呼吸 ”みたいな存在になり意識しないと音楽を好きとか嫌いとか全く考えないくらい生活の というか毎日生きる基礎代謝の部分になっている状態。

食べ物を考えると例えば、“ 塩サバ ”が大好きとしましょう(わたくしのことかも?)月に何度か好きで食べている状態な“ 好き ”があります。確かに“ 塩サバ ”が大好きで月に何度か意識して食べてしまうくらい好きな状態があります。前述の“ 音楽を聴くこと ”を思い出すと“ 塩サバ ”は確かに好きなものなのだけれど“ 音楽を聴くこと ”の好きレベルまでいってないことがわかります。もっと上のレベルは・・・

“ 塩サバ ”を食べることが、もはや習慣というか“ 呼吸 ”みたいな存在になり意識しないと“ 塩サバ ”を好きとか嫌いとか全く考えないくらい生活の というか毎日生きる基礎代謝の部分になっている状態・・・この状態になると最上級でしょうか。


“ 玄米 ”は自分にとってもはや習慣というか“ 呼吸 ”みたいな存在になり意識しないと玄米を好きとか嫌いとか全く考えないくらい生活の というか毎日生きる基礎代謝の部分になっている状態。という意味では“ 音楽を聴くこと ”と同じレベルなのです。

“ 玄米 ”=“ 音楽を聴くこと ”

好きとか嫌いとか全く考えないくらい生活の というか毎日生きる基礎代謝の部分になっている状態



Let’s feel the level of your favorite things

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Today is Saturday, May 28, 2022 Yesterday, there was a heavy thunderstorm in Tokyo until around noon, but it turned around and Saturday morning was a sunny and pleasant morning. The morning is sunny and pleasant. I washed and dried the bed sheets and mat last night, and I think it is only a matter of time before they dry.

Today’s topic is “Let’s feel the level of your favorite things.

We all have things we like to do, don’t we? It could be a hobby, food, or a habit. For example, there are people who love listening to music so much that it has become a habit (maybe that’s me?). Listening to music has become a habit, or a “breathing” habit, so much so that you don’t even think about whether you like or dislike music unless you are conscious of it.

Thinking about food, for example, let’s say you love ” salted mackerel ” (maybe that’s me?). There is a state of ” liking ” where you like it so much that you eat it consciously several times a month. Indeed, there is a state of “liking” in which you love “salted mackerel” so much that you consciously eat it several times a month. When I think back to the aforementioned “listening to music,” I realize that “salted mackerel” is certainly something I like, but I have not reached the level of “listening to music. I do not like it at the level of “listening to music. The higher level is…

Eating “salted mackerel” has become a habit, or a kind of “breathing”, and if I am not conscious of it, I don’t even think about liking or disliking “salted mackerel” at all. It has become such a basic metabolic part of our daily life that we don’t even think about whether we like or dislike it….

To give a simple example of food, I eat brown rice as my staple food every day. I think brown rice is tasty and has higher nutritional value than white rice… I have been eating brown rice every day for several decades because I think it is reasonable from the standpoint of function and taste. It is the continuation of liking. By continuing to continue.

Brown rice has become a habit for me, or a kind of “breathing”, so much so that I don’t even think about liking or disliking brown rice unless I am conscious of it, and it has become a part of my life, or rather, a basic metabolism that I live every day. It has become a basic metabolic part of our daily life. In this sense, it is on the same level as “listening to music.

“Genmai” = “listening to music”



a state in which liking or disliking something is so much a part of life, or rather a basic metabolic part of living every day, that you don’t think about it at all


If you stop and think about the level of “like”, the importance of “like” in your life may become clear. If you really like something, it is at the level of air.

How many things do you like at the level of air? I wish you new insights by thinking about it.
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