人間用 水素 再度注目

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2023年7月1日 土曜日の朝は風が強く昨日から降る時折の雨で向かいのマンションの屋根はウエットです。湿度が高く深いですが風があるのがせめてもの救い。今日は1日雨が気になる天気のようで明日の晴れを待ち望む休日となりそう。


水素 再度注目(^^♪~体が軽くなるあの感覚よもう一度。

昨日YouTubeで水素についていろいろな情報をとっていたのですが、最近再注目されているようですね。水素といっても車で使うエネルギーでなく、人間が取り入れる水素です。サプリはだいぶ前からありそういえば❝ 毎日水素 ❝というサプリを一時期とっていることがありました。もう20年ぐらい前でしょうかね。(2005年とか。。)

❝ 毎日水素 ❝を飲むと体が軽くなるんです。仕事の疲れやストレスが軽減される効果が実感できて一時期はまってました。値段が張るのが唯一のウイークポイントで副作用はなく いいことづくめのサプリであったと記憶しております。❝ ほんものや ❞でネットお取り寄せしていました。(検索してみましたが、今は同じものは取り扱いがないようです。グレードの高い爽快水素というものは引き続き取り扱っております。)

近年いろいろなエビデンスの報告も増えて ようやく認知度が上がってきたことを昨日のYouTubeや楽天市場などの品ぞろえで実感しました。サプリの種類が とにかく増えていてびっくりです。わたくしがサプリをとっていたころは選択肢がほぼなくの状態であったので時代の変わり具合をひしひしと感じざるをえない状態かと。au payマーケット、amazon、楽天市場で簡単にアクセスできるようになってます。値段もピンキリです。






水素 再度注目(^^♪~体が軽くなるあの感覚よもう一度。

Hydrogen for human use Revisited

July 1, 2023 Saturday morning is windy and the roof of the apartment building across the street is wet from the occasional rain that has been falling since yesterday. The humidity is high and deep, but the wind is at least a relief. It looks like rain is going to be a concern for the rest of the day and we will be looking forward to a sunny day tomorrow.

Today’s polemic

Hydrogen: Paying attention again……..

I was watching a lot of information about hydrogen on YouTube yesterday, and it seems that it is getting renewed attention these days. Hydrogen is not the energy we use in our cars, but the hydrogen we take in. I have been taking a supplement called “Everyday Hydrogen” for a while. I think it was about 20 years ago. (2005, maybe…)

“I feel lighter when I take “Everyday Hydrogen”. I was addicted to it for a while because I could feel the effect of reducing fatigue and stress from work. I remember that it was a good supplement with no side effects, with the only downside being the high price. I used to order it online from HONOMONOYA. (I tried to search for it, but it seems that the same thing is not handled now. We continue to carry the one called Soukai Hydrogen, which is of a higher grade).

I realized yesterday on YouTube and Rakuten market that various evidences have been reported in recent years, and finally the recognition of the product has increased. I was surprised to see the variety of supplements on the market. I can now easily access au pay market, amazon, and Rakuten market. The prices are also very different.

Hydrogen water became a boom a while ago. The weak point is that hydrogen tends to be lost easily, so it is said that the effect will fade if the pouch is not tightly sealed. If you cannot drink a large amount, supplements seem to be convenient.

Recently, hydrogen inhalation devices (through the mouth or nose) are also available, and taking a hydrogen bath is also said to be a good idea. I was a little surprised to learn about the recent movement to benefit from hydrogen through various approaches from inside and outside the body.

The trend of renewed interest in hydrogen not only as a new energy source to replace gasoline, but also as an item that brings good energy to the human body itself. It was a little too early to start paying attention and practicing in 2005 (laugh). I think I was right to look at it in 2005, lol.

~Coffee is on, and I’m writing with chocolate and peanuts by my side. Hot coffee may gradually fade out as the weather gets hotter and hotter.

Today’s polemic

Hydrogen: I’m going to pay attention to it again.