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2023年5月7日 日曜日の朝は雨上がりの薄日の指すスタートです。既に22度ありそんなに気温は上がらない様子で雨が降ったりやんだりの1日。長袖のTシャツを着てみたらちょっとはずれの気温です。









May 7, 2023 Sunday morning started off with a light sun after the rain. The temperature is already 22 degrees and doesn’t seem to be rising that much, and it’s raining on and off all day. I put on a long-sleeved T-shirt and found the temperature to be a bit off.

Yesterday was a moving day, and my family moved to different locations. Since it was the last day of Golden Week, there were quite a few people at the airport and train stations. On the way home, I got off the train and bought a PC stand at Dospara in the west exit of Yokohama station. I was satisfied with the stand because it was made overseas and was cheap, costing only 1,680 yen, but it was made of metal and looked solid and good. The height of the PC is quite important and affects posture and fatigue greatly, so I intend to try various items in the future.

After that, I opened my apartment’s mailbox for the first time in a while and found that there were quite a few flyers in there. One that caught my attention was a flyer for drum lessons. It was a private lesson given by an ex-visual-kei professional drummer, who I imagine lives in the neighborhood of this apartment.

The drummer had been to the Budokan when he was in a band, and his name was somewhat well-known. He has now graduated from the band and is working as a freelance drummer. 7,000 yen per lesson, but I was a little curious (laugh).

After that, I searched for drum lessons on YouTube and found that there are various videos uploaded from all over the world. Is this the age when most people default to learning on YouTube first if they are interested?

It was a relief to see my family back together again after a long absence and to see their cheerful faces. I realized again that what we need to do is different for each of us, but it seems that we need to cope with each environment in various ways. When each of us has completed our tasks to some extent, it may be the time for the family to get together again.

Today is the last day of the consecutive holidays. As usual, I will prepare meals for the weekdays, clean the house, and prepare the environment so that I can get ready for work.

I am concerned about the earthquake. Not only in Noto, but also off the east coast of Aomori Prefecture, there was an earthquake of intensity 4 yesterday. Please pray that the days continue to be calm.