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2022年11月26日 土曜日の朝は曇りでのち雨の予報。予想最高気温は17度。洗濯をしようと思ったのですが、明日晴れるので夜にした方が効率的と判断しました。

ワールドカップで盛り上がってる日本。良いNEWSはみんなの気持ちを明るくしますよね。NEWSの多くは暗い話題(犯罪や政治の追求、戦争や事故)などが大部分ですので良い話題を探すのが少し大変な状態。ですから今回のGOOD NEWSはサッカーに興味がある方へはもちろん、普段サッカーやスポーツに関心を寄せていない人々にも福をもたらし幸せの良い循環となります。








~From such cases, it is advisable to keep drugstore medications to a short period of time if taken on one’s own judgment.~

November 26, 2022 Saturday morning is forecast to be cloudy and later rainy. The expected high temperature is 17 degrees. I was going to do laundry, but decided it would be more efficient to do it at night since it will be sunny tomorrow.

Japan is in the midst of the excitement of the World Cup. Good news brightens everyone’s spirits, and since most of the news is about dark topics (crime, political pursuits, wars and accidents), it is hard to find good news. It is a good cycle of happiness that brings good fortune to those who are interested in soccer as well as to those who are not usually interested in the sport.

Do you all ever have to take care of medicines?

It doesn’t have to be a serious illness, like a cold, a slight stomachache, or allergic rhinitis.

Going to a clinic can be coronary, and the mind is hesitant, isn’t it? In such a case, you can buy medicine at a drugstore or a private import agent. Drugstores and private import agents are the best places to buy medicines. Have you ever had the experience of buying medicine at a local drugstore when you wanted to put a neck bandage on your neck after a bad night’s sleep?

question girl
question girl
But aren’t you hesitant to casually take medications because of the side effects?

Certainly, it is not a good idea to continue taking a drugstore medicine for a long period of time (say, a year).

If you take medication without a doctor’s prescription, it is probably best to limit it to short-term (a little sore or weak) cases only. There was a case a while ago where a celebrity ran a marathon while taking painkillers and ended up in a serious accident. Although all doctors and pharmacists know the detailed mechanism of why this happened, the general public, who does not have much knowledge about drugs, could not see the risk.

From such cases, it is advisable to keep drugstore medications to a short period of time if taken on one’s own judgment.