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2022年12月17日 土曜日の朝は曇りで夕方から雨の予報。予想最高気温は7度と低めの洗濯が乾きにくい感じです。今日は浴室乾燥で乾かそうと思いながら洗濯機を回しているところです。



今週は群馬に住む義理の母がコロナにかかったり、北日本では強烈な寒波の影響で雪がかなり積もったりといろいろありました。入院中の妻の病状も今後の治療方針が固まってきたりと進捗がありました。検査の結果 指定難病の可能性は否定されERCP、 EST が終わった様子で、手術をどうするか考えてくれるそうです。







Sickness that I can’t even eat Jell-O + my mother-in-law has corona.

December 17, 2022 Saturday morning is forecast to be cloudy with rain in the evening. The forecast high temperature is 7 degrees Celsius, which makes it difficult to dry laundry with low temperatures. I am running the washing machine today, thinking of using the bathroom dryer to dry the clothes.

wife line
wife line
I called Grandma and found her fever in the low 36s and she seems to have calmed down.

She gave her a Corona infusion, and I wonder if it is working.

I am relieved that it is not getting worse.

She can’t seem to eat much, but I’m glad to hear that she sounds and looks fine.

This week, my mother-in-law, who lives in Gunma, came down with corona, and there was quite a bit of snow in northern Japan due to the intense cold wave. My wife’s condition in the hospital has been progressing well, as the future treatment plan has been finalized. The results of the tests showed that the possibility of her being diagnosed with an intractable disease has been ruled out, and she has completed the ERCP and EST.
Will it be done by the end of this year or in January?

Fortunately, my daughter will be able to return home early to support my wife after she gets a part-time job or goes to school. We are so dependent on our good neighbors.

The heavy snowfall at our house yesterday was cleared for us by our neighbor, and the picture was confirmed on line. I am so thankful and grateful to the various local people who took this opportunity to help us. I will be able to return home in about 10 days, so until then I will have my kids to keep the house safe. I have ERCP and EST next Monday, so I pray that it goes well.

wife line
wife line
The doctor told me I could eat Jell-O a few days ago, and I ate some Jell-O from the store yesterday and it didn’t hurt, so I started Jell-O in the evening. So I started eating Jell-O in the evening.
Now I have something to look forward to until Sunday


I thought I was making some progress from fasting……………………….

I started the jelly, but the pain started about an hour later.
It wasn’t bad enough to use painkillers, but I had a soreness and a pounding feeling as if my internal organs were working hard until midnight, so I ended up having to stop.
I can’t believe that even Jell-O is so hard to digest.
I wish you a safe Monday


It’s not a matter of course to be able to have a meal every day. I am so thankful for my health. I was able to confirm it again.
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