♫♪バックグラウンドMUSICに Glass Tigerがかかっている中 執筆して おります by Spotify ♪♫♪61

2022年12月10日 土曜日の朝は晴れで穏やかなスタートです。溜まってしまった洗濯物を回しながら執筆です。いつもSpotifyを聴きながらこのブログを執筆しているのですが、何年かSpotifyを聴いていると本人の好みの音楽を寄せ集めてくれるようで本日は80年代のお好みリスト的なチャンネルを聴いているのですが当時よく聞いていたヒット曲のあれこれが心地よく流れてます。


AST 1167まで上がってしまった。
すい臓、胆管系の精密検査でMRI とか追加の採血するって。
朝食も味噌汁しか飲めなかったけど。 今は痛みも落ち着き、検査を進めてもらえたので安心しました。
MRI は外部に読んでもらうみたいで、結果分かるの時間かかるそう。







Prescription for being obsessed with the Great Setsuyaku Demon

December 10, 2022 Saturday morning starts out sunny and mild. I am writing while turning the laundry that has piled up. I always listen to Spotify while writing this blog, and after listening to Spotify for several years, it seems to collect my favorite music. Today I am listening to a channel that has a list of my favorites from the 80s, and it is playing a pleasant stream of hit songs that I used to listen to back then.

It’s been 10 days since she was admitted to the hospital, but she’s on the mend and has started eating…

She ate and her numbers worsened again.
AST went up to 1167.
They are going to do an MRI and take additional blood samples for a thorough examination of my pancreas and bile duct system.
I’m back to fasting again.
I could only have miso soup for breakfast. I am relieved that the pain has calmed down now and they are going ahead with the tests.
The MRI is going to be read by an outside party, so it will take some time to find out the results.

and they contacted me yesterday and said that the doctor might talk to me today about the future. It is suggested that it may be a disease of the biliary tract or its related organs, a turnaround from thinking it was simply a stomach problem. I am very hungry and would like to contemplate the future direction.

The world is raising the price of all kinds of products, and all kinds of companies are raising the price of their products at once. It has been reported that some companies will be forced to admit that they will raise wages next spring. There are also reports of a situation where companies are forced to admit that they will raise their wages next spring. With such a wave of price hikes coming our way, it is no longer possible to save money alone.

Households that have been consciously controlling their electricity bills and other wasteful spending may not be able to do much more to save money. Saving 500 yen a month by saving electricity with a lot of effort will be a depressing situation to live in the future. In the case of electricity bills, it is quicker to review refrigerators and air conditioners that consume a lot of electricity, but replacing them is a one-time expense in the order of 100,000 yen. Even if you replace it with a newer, more energy-efficient one, it will take many years to reach the break-even point.

A housewife who is constantly thinking about saving money on this and that may be possessed by the Great Satan of Setsuyaku, and may eventually become mentally ill. They may eventually fall ill at heart.

So what should we do?

It seems the only way is to earn money after all. lol
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