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ケーブルを選ぶ能力 TypeC to Cとか

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2023年4月9日 日曜日の朝は昨日の雨が上がり晴れて昨晩洗濯した厚手のスウェットやワークマンの冬用ズボンなどが乾きそうな天候です。気温はそんなに上がらず現在9度ですが16度どまりの様子。






PD65Wの他にTypeC to CケーブルUSB3.2GEN2を買ったのですが 2千円くらいしました。PCやスマホのケーブル類種類が結構あり性能もまちまちで結構沼ですね。PDにはケーブルがついてないのがほぼデフォルトですので自分で用途に応じてケーブルを選ぶ能力も必要です。










Ability to choose cables TypeC to C and so on.

April 9, 2023 Sunday morning is sunny after yesterday’s rain, which should dry out the heavy sweatshirts and workman’s winter pants I washed last night. The temperature has not risen that much, currently 9 degrees Celsius, but it is expected to stay around 16.

Today’s polemic

65W PD is the way to go.

Yesterday, I went shopping at Okay Store and Yamada Denki. I arrived at Okay Store before the store opened, but there was a long line of people waiting in line. After that, I went to Yamada Denki to buy some computer-related items, and I think I hit the jackpot.

I bought a PD65W (made overseas) to charge my PC, etc. I was so excited when I got home and turned it on. It was an initial defect.

Fortunately, I saved the package and receipt, so I’m going to return it today. This month was Yamada’s “Month of Reinforcement,” as the Yamada Select refrigerator I bought in January was initially defective and I had to have it repaired (lol). It was a minor hit, so I may be lucky to have been able to keep it under control.

I bought a Type C to C cable USB3.2GEN2 in addition to the PD65W, but it cost about 2,000 yen. It is also necessary to be able to choose cables for your own use.

Some low-priced cables can only charge a smartphone (low wattage), and some expensive ones, even if they say 100W, have no USB function and cannot send/receive data (I recently came across one of these cables).

I need to learn more about GEN1 and GEN2. Recently, USB4 has been released with a speed of 40Gb.

It seems like a few hours pass by quickly when I start learning about cables and chargers.

I already have two PD65W (the first one is a genuine lenovo one when I bought my sub PC from lenovo, the second one is an AUKEY one that I ordered from Bic Camera (see the link at the bottom of this article)), but I decided to buy a new one this time because my company PC is also compatible with this one. The reason why I decided to buy more PCs this time was that my PC at work is also compatible with this system, and I wanted to be able to use it not only in my apartment but also when I go home.

Recently, PD100W has become popular and the price has come down. However, thanks to the next-generation semiconductor GaN, the spread of PD has made it possible to have an all-in-one charger for PCs and smartphones. Thanks to the spread of next-generation semiconductors such as GaN, PCs and smartphone chargers are now all-in-one.

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What is GaN (Gallium Nitride)? Why it is attracting attention as a next-generation semiconductor material

Today’s polemic

65W is the king for PD.