住まい 暮らし


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2023年5月13日 土曜日の朝は薄日が差し天気がよさそうな気配もありますが予報は昼前から雨で夜までつづくとの事。気温は15度で17度まで上がるそうです。


昨日は本宅の外壁補修の件で業者さんが3名着て(建設業者、外壁の会社、塗装業者)妻と補修工事について見立てを行ったそうです。6軒同じ区画で同じ業者が似たような時期に建設したのですが我が家がトップバッターで外壁補修となるようです。潮風が強く東と南は遮るものが近くにないので紫外線と風の影響でしょう。北と西は住居が隣接しており風も紫外線もある程度弱まりますが、北側は日差しが当たらないので冬場は凍結が長く続く影響はあります。北西に山があるのですがその山から降ろす冬場の風は結構強く北西部分に家がまだ立ってないころは強風で自転車が倒れたりと もろに影響を受けておりました。今は北西の家のおかげで冬場の山から降ろす強風を避けられております。




A little edge – exterior wall repair

May 13, 2023 The forecast calls for rain before noon and continuing through the night, although the sun is shining and the weather looks good on Saturday morning. The temperature is supposed to be 15 degrees Celsius and rise to 17 degrees Celsius.

I started work after the holiday weekend, coming to work for four days and teleworking on the last day, Friday. I had a quick day and ran through to Thursday, and then I went into telework, which I can do at my own pace.

Yesterday, three contractors (a builder, an exterior wall company, and a painter) arrived at our house to discuss the repair work with my wife. 6 houses were built on the same parcel by the same builder at similar times, and our house is the first to be repaired. The sea breeze is strong and there are no obstructions nearby to the east and south, so the UV rays and wind are probably a factor. To the north and west, the wind and UV rays are somewhat lessened by the adjacent houses, but the north side of the house does not get any sunlight, so there will be an effect of prolonged freezing in the winter. There is a mountain to the northwest, and the winter winds coming down from the mountain are quite strong, and when there were no houses on the northwest side, strong winds caused bicycles to fall over. Now, thanks to the house on the northwest side, we can avoid the strong winter winds coming down from the mountain.

My wife reports that the contractor suggested that we consider replacing some of the damaged siding and leaving most of it (this is the majority) and recommended that we paint the siding. The current white exterior wall is noticeably dirty, so we thought it would be a good idea to change it to a different color. I suggested that we use a blue color since we are near the ocean. My wife and I have talked about using something other than white, black, yellow, and pink, but I would like to take some more time to think about it. We would like to take this opportunity to change the color of the exterior walls to lift our spirits.

As a side note, the painter who came this time was the same one who painted our bike shed around 2018. I felt a bit of a connection with him because he is enrolling in the same university as our child from this April. We are in different departments, but not at the same local university nearby (or rather, quite a distance away!). It’s a strange story that I can’t really explain.

I will probably get an estimate next week. I hope to count on the bonus to carry out the repairs.